The Music of Indian Crafts

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Music composed of the sounds of artisans at work

The click-clack of the bamboo handloom..

The melody of a bamboo flute..

The scrape and knock of the chisel carving wood..

Sounds of the saw and sandpaper...

Evoking melodies of their own.

Mud, slapped and kneaded before it sits on the potter's wheel..

brass sheets beaten, embossed and moulded..

The twang of the jew's harp crafted by the village blacksmith...

Playing to the staccato clatter of a child's clay cart....

Music teased out of the ghatam, a clay pot, 

The tap-tap-tap of the stone carver's hammer

Turning mere rock into gods and cooking pots. 


Listen, as instruments and crafts people 

Create infinite rhythms.

Listen to the sounds of yersterday

Moving the footsteps of today.

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