New Delhi, India Habitat Centre, 16th September to 22nd September, 2012

The Akshara Project was being implemented by the Dastkari Haat Samiti, to weave together important agendas:  teaching the value of literacy to unlettered crafts people, demonstrating the visual beauty of India's many languages, creating a new design vocabulary developed through artistic calligraphy in regional scripts and finally, applying them to a variety of traditional craft skills.  A multi-dimensional exhibition of its results showcased:


  • Innovatively designed products of excellence show stone work, wood carving, handloom weaving, embroidery, traditional art and hand block printing among other hand skills, speaking the language of the artisan in their embellishments. 


  • The art of handwriting and the history of our scripts formed a part of the display to highlight the aesthetics of the written word.


  • Traditional artists and artisans conducted demonstrations of how they worked upon Akshara, expert calligraphers will explain their vision, regional musicians and classical dancers will extend the concept of Akshara into their fields of expertise.


  • The 'language' of dance and the 'talim' of the loom share space in a short film, to demonstrate that the disappearing art of handwriting, the cadence of our regional languages, and our vast traditional skills of handcrafting, are human expressions to be nurtured.


  • An attractive art book/catalogue, Crafting Indian Scripts was be published by the Samiti for the occasion.


  • The programme was held for a week from 16th 2012 at India Habitat Centre with their active collaboration.


AKSHARA: Indian Calligraphy redefined at the Hanager Arts Centre, Cairo, 15th to 21st April, 2013

Akshara was exhibited as part of the festival of ‘India on the Nile’ The Samiti developed profound links with Egyptian Artists. A canvas produced jointly by an Indian and an Egyptian calligrapher is a tribute to this exchange and link. The Samiti team comprised, Jaya Jaitly, President and founder, a Samiti member, an Indian Calligrapher, and the head of the exhibition design company.


AKSHARA, Crafting Indian Scripts at UNESCO, Paris, September, 14th to September, 22nd, 2013

Akshara has been invited by UNESCO to be exhibited at UNESCO in Paris. This exhibition has the support of 3 Ministries. HRD, Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Textiles. 5 Craftsmen, 2 Calligraphers a Samiti member and the head of the exhibition design company will accompany Jaya Jaitly, President and founder of the Samiti to Paris. During the exhibition, Seminars, discussions and workshops between leading Calligraphers from Japan, China, Middle East and France and Indian Calligraphers and Crafts persons will be held.


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