Multipurpose Storage Containers Organic Reversible Handmade

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Color: Brown
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Our handmade, hand-embroidered eco-friendly, reversible containers add an elegant touch wherever they go yet are happy, fresh, and appealing year-round! They fit homes or offices for planters, bread, stationary, fruits, chargers, sewing, bathroom accessories, knitting, knick-knacks and more! The set of 3 reversible, hand embroidered containers make wonderful gifts, housewarming or other! Perfect to integrates with the natural beauty of your plants. Contemporary and eco-friendly, they fit any room or verandah and brighten any setting! And because they are foldable and stackable, they are easy in shipping. Delicate Kantha embroidery highlights the containers. And the unattached lining is easy to pull out and dust off. Made of jute and lined with woven cotton ikat or tie-dye bandhni fabrics. Fabrics are made by our expert artisan partners.
• Multi-use, multipurpose
• Reversible
• Contemporary, functional, aesthetic
• Four beautiful colors
• Hand embroidered in highlight colors enhance its classy look
• Fits any room or office or balcony
• Hides your plastic planters and see the beauty of your plants come alive
• Lined with beautiful woven cotton ikat or tie-dye bandhani fabric
• Lining is unattached, so it's easy to pull out and dust off
• Stack together, nesting within each other
• Folds up for easy storage when not in use
• Made of jute, a natural and strong plant fiber, biodegradable and durable
• Packaged in up-cycled fabric
Size: 4, 5" and 6" diameter
Ohrna is a social enterprise. We train women for free and then employ them to work from their homes. All our products are hand embroidered and handmade. Our collection celebrates heritage Indian craft, applied to contemporary products.

Key Product Feature:
• Eco friendly
• Multi-use
• Multipurpose storage organizers
• Reversible
• Flexible and Foldable

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