Gond folk art painting by Dilip Shyam

Color: Orange
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This original artwork of gond art is done on paper using ink & acrylic colors. 

The painting highlights the significance wildlife and nature holds for tribal communities and their traditions, like that of the Gond art. Baghbana Dev, or the Lion God, also referred to as the goddess Durga's vahana is worshipped as a deity in order to invoke blessings of abundance, prosperity and strength.

Gond painting has flourished and acquired international fame only in the last three decades, before which it was a little known decorative art to embellish the outer walls of village homes. One innovative young man, the late Jangad Singh Shyam, brought fame to the uniqueness of Gond painting that seemed to echo the aboriginal art of Australia. Its uniqueness lies in the signature dots and small strokes that build up in geometric textures within a animistic belief system expressed through animal and tree forms.


Paper, Ink & acrylic colors 


Length 38 width 38 cms 


100 grams (Approximately) 


Gond folk art 

Wash & Care

Clean with a dry cloth. keep away from water & other liquid substances. 


A slight difference in color from the visible product image is possible. 


3-5 Working days

Special Attention :

Handcrafted products kindly allow us for minor crafting defects. 

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