Embroidered Sustainable Slim Stylish with 2 Inside Pockets, one Zippered


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Our all-jute daypacks are stylish, sophisticated and organic too! They have space for all your needs but without a bulky look to give you that smart and trendy look. The base is slim yet feels just right. It has 2 inside pockets, one zippered and other plain.
Made of organic jute and cotton webbing straps, they come in 2 classy colors: vibrant
indigo and calm gray. The cotton strap colors are chosen to give it an interesting look!
The jute is lined with beautiful woven ikat cotton fabric. The lining is unattached at
the bottom hence it is easy to pull out and dust off crumbs. These sustainable daypacks are elaborately embroidered in diagonal kantha embroidery across the front half, creating a unique look that is contemporary yet classy. The fabric-stitched zipper tab is matched to the color of the ikat lining fabric. We also highlight one line of embroidery in the lining color, giving the daypack a very stylish and artistic look!

We package it in up-cycled materials!
Size: 15 1/4” x 13”
• Space enough for all your needs minus a bulky look
• Slim base yet feels right
• Elaborately hand embroidered in Kantha
• Made of organic jute with woven ikat cotton lining and cotton webbing straps
• Classy design that is contemporary and also stylish
• 2 beautiful colors: vivacious indigo and a calm gray
• One highlighted embroidery line gives it an artistic look
• 2 inside pockets, one zippered and other plain
• Lined with ikat fabric, a rich craft-form
• Lining is unattached, so easy to dust out
Ohrna is a social enterprise. We train women for free and then employ them to work
from their homes. All our products are hand embroidered and handmade. Our
collection celebrates heritage Indian craft, applied to contemporary products.

Key Product Feature:

• Organic
• Handmade
• Hand Embroidered
• Slim and light look
• Classy Design

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