Crafts & Textiles Map of Himachal Pradesh, Single Side Print - Front

Style: Folded Map
Sale priceRs. 170.00


The early phase of Pahari miniature painting is famous for its simplicity and strong colour palette. The figures in the painting are folksy and frank. The artist, Vijay Sharma, has borrowed the stylistic conventions of the Basohli and Chamba styles. The Goddess Durga seated on the lion represents the popularity of the Shakti cult prevalent in the region. In the middle portion some artists are shown embroidering the Chamba rumal. The second side of the map is a Chamba rumal in all its artistic excellence, embroidered for the map project by Masto Devi of Charu, a centre for the production of Chamba rumals.

Size : Length 35", Width 21"

Medium : Paper 

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