Wood Carved Hand Mirror Round shape

Sale priceRs. 994.00


This is a beautiful hand-crafted wooden mirror. Pilakhuwa and its adjoining areas in western Uttar Pradesh have, for centuries, been home to woodcarvers who sustained the printing industry by making patterned blocks. As screen printing and industrial printing took over most of the market, their finely honed ability was put to wider use. Families like that of Arshad Kafeel began to make carved boxes or inlaid them with brass, white metal and copper wire. Picture and mirror frames, vase holders, lamps, low tables and wall plaques with intricately laid designs have earned them national acclaim.

  • Material  : Mango wood
  • Dimensions : Length= 25 width= 9 Centimeters
  • Care Instructions : Avoid exposing to moisture and direct sunlight.

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