Crafts & Textiles Map of Haryana, Single Side Print - Back

Style: Folded Map
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The Sanjhi or Jhanji deity is worshipped during Navratra, the nine-day festival following the moonless amavasa day of asauj, in September/October. The Sanjhi deity represents the nine main devis, goddesses, of the Hindu tradition. Earth, caw dung, terracotta, lime, turmeric, colour and cloth for dressing the goddess are used. The creation of the image is part of a ceremonial nine-day event to invoke the blessings of the goddess upon everyone in the village. The Sanjhi Mother Goddess has been created by Kaushalya Verma, Manju Jhangra and Geeta Jhangra, who then turned their traditional skill to depicting an evolving modern Haryana around a map made of stars, thereby contemporizing their art style.

Size : Length 35", Width 21"

Medium : Paper 

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